Sunday, March 30, 2014

My first blog entry...ever!

Finding Inspiration
I've never been one for putting my thoughts out there for the world to read. I've always enjoyed journaling, but just the thought of having my thoughts out in the open leaves me feeling exposed. Fear has never held me back before, as I've always treated it like an opportunity for growth. I don't like fear to be a part of my inner world. It's an irrational feeling of anticipation, with a seductive lure to do nothing, to risk nothing. (and for some reason it also likes trader joe's peanut butter cups) I know that it's a greater risk to risk nothing at all, but sometimes the voice is too loud to ignore. I aim to always be learning and growing. The alternative is to stay the same, and how boring is that?! However, expansion is better in the mind than the booty.

Having fear nag at me actually inspires me, in that it springs me into action to conquer it. Sometimes it takes longer than other times to face, but the results are often the same... I learn something. Usually that I'm better, in some small way, than I thought I was. Even if what I did was terrible, I faced a personal demon and won. That's worth something. When people try trapeze for the first time, often they are nearly paralyzed with fear. I like to tell them that the more scared they are, the braver they are for doing it anyways.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, and sometimes in the most unlikely places. When thinking about fear driven inspiration, a lotus flower comes to mind. It grows out of dark, dank and stagnant water and is one of the loveliest flowers. Maybe it's because of it's origination, that it is so lovely. In this blog, I will share my journey, ideas, and creations, and it is my hope that it will inspire others to pull the lotus out from themselves, so they too can enjoy living creatively.

...So with that, welcome to my blog. This is me and the best thing that I have ever created, my son Tucker.

I've been extremely inspired lately, so much so that I haven't been able to sleep at night, which is not normal for me. In savasana, at the end of a yoga class a few weeks ago, it came to me... The idea of how to put together my event planning business in a way that is fun for me. The creative parts and the collaborative energy that occurs when making things for an event are always the funnest for me. Don't get me wrong, the other parts are also fun, but I really dig, and excel, where I can contribute my creativity to the process. Within weeks of this lightbulb turning on, I created my website, on my own, made business cards, and filled out the paperwork to make my new business official.

This is the new business card. It's a bit simple, maybe I'll redo it when I get a logo.

I loved the process of building my own website, that part was really fun and had my creative juices flowing. The obstacle was social media. Ugg. Obviously it is important these days. I actually don't spend a lot of time using Facebook and other social media, though I do love pinterest! ...and thanks to youtube, I finally understand how it works. There is so much involved with social media, it's overwhelming. One day I tried to put a link onto this blog and got it taken down as spam. Admittedly, I was so frustrated I cried. My dad had some wise advise for me, he said that intelligence is achieved through failure, that it is through this that we learn. He also says this is why he is so wise. This inspired me to do my homework more. Not only did I find a better way to imbed the social media links, through Share This - link is below, but I also figured out a plan for my social media strategy. So there you go. I failed, I cried, I did my homework and got myself a win! Yay me.

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